The Knowledge Fountain 7/E Advantage

Any organization that truly cares about their training and is determined to successfully use training simulations, would be well-advised to ensure that their requirements include all the factors in which we have defined as the '7/E's:

E1 - Educational

Traditional e-learning utilizes pedagogical techniques called 'tell-test', in which students read blocks of online text, and then are given multiple choice or true/false tests to measure whether the knowledge 'stuck'. 7/E simulations employ a learn-by-doing approach, clearly a better educational approach.

E2 - Effective

E-learning needs to be more effective. An extremely high percentage of traditional e-learning titles are never completed by the learner. Of those titles that are completed, levels of effectiveness in terms of retention and comprehension are quite low. 7/E simulations have superior retention, comprehension and completion rates.

E3 - Economical

Quality simulations can be enormously complicated and expensive to produce. 7/E simulations amplify your training return on investment, and can be delivered in a timely manner.

E4 - Entertaining

Most traditional e-learning experiences are just plain boring, especially with today's younger workers. 7/E simulations fully engage the learner, and increase the rates of retention, completion, comprehension, and time-to-competency.

E5 - Efficient

Current e-learning offerings are almost universally devoid of tutoring subsystems that incorporate scaffolding techniques. 7/E simulations provide dynamic allocation of tutoring resources based on student performance (scaffolding). The weaker the learner, the more tutoring that is applied, and conversely, the stronger learners get less tutorage.

E6 - Elastic

7/E simulations are highly customizable, and allow dynamic models to be created using content experts, existing e-learning and training materials, or derivatives from educational textbooks.

E7 - Essential

7/E simulations contain highly relevant content, presented within a specific context, and possess a high reality-of-function.

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