New Simulator Provides Increased Completion Rates, Retention, Comprehension, and Time-to-Competency

Toronto, Canada - July 18, 2011 - Knowledge Fountain, a provider of full-blown, high reality-of-function e-learning business simulations, today announced a new release of a tactical simulation featuring a hands-on examination of the advertising industry. Knowledge Fountain Advertising (KFAD) enables learners to immerse themselves as company CEO, and explore the inner workings of planning and executing a successful advertising campaign. The new CEO must oversee the business, creative, and media aspects of devising advertising messages based on competitive forces, and be able to 'read' both the psychographic and demographic aspects of the marketplace.

Knowledge Fountain helps accelerate learning velocity by allowing learners to roleplay, test hypothesis, and engage in decision-making under time pressure, while circumventing the inconveniences, risks, and prohibitive costs of undertaking the actual activities.

With this release, HR departments, continuing education, post-secondary guidance departments, and adult learning programs can offer students the opportunity to investigate the dynamics and challenges of the advertising industry, while assessing interest, aptitude, and competence.

Key Features
Knowledge Fountain Advertising makes it possible for student to develop and practice skills and develop instincts in advertising business practices, as well as to learn how to:

  • Hire advertising personnel. Peruse candidate resumes, psychographic profiles, and ask the right questions to select the ideal employees. Choosing the right people will provide smooth performance on delegated tasks whereas choosing ill-suited staff may put you in serious time-trouble, and contribute to an error-ridden advertising campaign.
  • Keep current with market dynamics. Keep track of market and competitive positions, and follow the news to fine-tune your advertising messages.
  • Use essential business tools. The learner will utilize their email, calendar, scheduling gantt, and research tools to time, track, analyze, and delegate critical tasks.
  • Delegate tasks. The learner does not have sufficient time to 'wear all the hats', and therefore must select the right employee for the task, and schedule the task at the right time, for the proper duration.
  • Approve employee results. Once key tasks have been submitted such as market positioning, advertising objectives, creative strategy and tactics, media budgets, media selection, etc., the learner must either approve or override employee decisions.
  • Circumvent pitfalls, distractions, and office politics. Woven into the fabric of KFAD is a storyline which presents obstacles that could jeopordize the advertising campaign if not taken seriously.

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